Active in environmental protection

Social and Environmental Commitments

Logo-Triman NaturgieIn 2014, Naturgie carried out insulation work to reduce its energy consumption.
It also set about modernising its production tools, which improved working conditions considerably (reduction of noise and of the strenuousness of work). Every investment we make in our production tools is designed to improve the working environment of our staff as much as possible.

Always concerned the environment, Naturgie endeavours to use 100% recyclable and light packaging. For example, we use the following:

  • Glass jars, since glass jars are 100% recyclable.
  • Cylindrical jars to reduce the weight of the glass in relation to its content. This results in a reduction of CO2 emissions during transport and the manufacture
  • of the jar by the glassmaker.
  • Labels made of recycled paper on the Saveurs Attitudes range.
  • Recycled and recyclable cardboard or paper packaging for our chocolates, biscuits and breads.

In our design process, we include the notion of sustainable development at each step in the choice of packaging and processer (within a radius of 1000 km).

Economic and Community Commitments

Naturgie is involved in the development of the local economy as the member of a cluster for the development of the local fruit production sector.

Naturally, our company has been committed to a sustainable development approach for several years. This will soon be made formal through Bioentreprisedurable® certification supported by Synabio.

This approach aims to formalize the company’s attitude to sustainable development and to improve existing practices focusing on 3 mainstays (Economy, Society and Ecology).

Synabio’s Bioentreprisedurable® approach, launched in 2009, enables companies downstream of the organic sector, and in particular small and very small businesses, and to see sustainable development as a performance, cohesion and communications tool. It helps them formalise and implement their CSR strategy, sometimes already well-established, and to give structure to their commitments which go well beyond adhering to regulations. Subscribers also wish to see this approach as continuous improvement, in order to remain exemplary.