How we approach the glycaemic index

NATURGIE’s approach to the glycaemic index

ambiance-figue violette saveurs attitudes nutritionConcerned about healthy and balanced nutrition, NATURGIE asks consumers to think about what they have to gain in monitoring the glycaemic index rating of the food they eat.

NATURGIE takes recognised GI reduction factors into consideration to make products with an optimised GI, by:

  • Choosing a low GI raw materials such as whole wheat flour, chocolates with a high level of cocoa, etc.
  • Choosing to eliminate as much as possible, by using fruit juice from concentrates in the Nutritionnelle range
  • The incorporation of fibre
  • The perfection of an exclusive low-temperature cooking process under vacuum limits the inversion of or damage to sugars and preserves flavours, aromas and the number of vitamins in products made from fruit.

In the same way, by using organic raw materials in our Saveurs Attitudes products, we promote lowering the glycaemic index.

This approach means that NATURGIE can offer GI optimised Saveurs Attitudes products!

NATURGIE wishes to inform consumers about this approach and to help them, as the company has always done, by making publications of general interest available, as well as GI tables:

  • The New Glucose Revolution Low GI Guide to Losing Weight by Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller and Kaye Foster-Powell (Marlowe & Co)
  • The New Glucose Revolution: The Authoritative Guide to the Glycemic Index, by Jennie Brand-Miller, K. Foster-Powel and S. Colagiuri (Marlowe & Co)
  • IG, Indice Glycémique votre dernier régime ! Mangez mieux, soyez mince by Dr Claude Allard (Hachette pratique)
  • Le régime IG by Anne Dufour and Carole Garnier (Leduc.s éditions)
  • Always Hungry?: Conquer cravings, retrain your fat cells and lose weight permanently by Pr. David Ludwig, Harvard School of Medicine (Orion)
  • Evaluator 1140 aliments évalués, l’index glycémique commenté : “ le guide nutritionnel le plus complet au monde ” by Dr Dukan (éd le cherche midi)
  • Votre alimentation selon l’enseignement du docteur Kousmine by Dr Alain Bondil and Marion Kaplan (éd. J’ai lu bien être)
  • Le mal du sucre by Danièle Starenkyj (Orion)
  • The G-Index Diet by Richard N. Podell, M.D., F.A.C.P. and William Proctor (Warner Books)

As you can see, the glycaemic index is now an important nutritional value. This is why a large number of magazines and journals, whether specialised or not, devote articles to the glycaemic index.

Table of the main foods and their glycaemic index

This table represents a non-exhaustive list of the GI of some of the food used regularly in our diets.

Table of the glycaemic index of the food eaten the most often

Tableau indices glycemiques aliments

Source: Index glycémique – Mes P’tits Marabouts – Pr. J. Brand-Miller, K. Foster-Powel and S. Colagiuri) 2006


Applying the GI day after day

To incorporate the GI in your diet, here are a few small recommendations you can apply on a daily basis:

You do not need to eat low GI food only. You can consider that half of the food you eat has a low GI, which is already a good thing! Source: Index glycémique – Mes P’tits Marabouts – Pr. J. Brand-Miller, K. Foster-Powel and S. Colagiuri. 2006

Balance out the carbohydrates you eat over different meals.

Eat a balanced diet and include at least 5 fresh fruit and vegetables per day in your meals.

For more information

You can also take inspiration from recipe books specially designed to offer you meals with a low glycaemic index:

  • Recettes à faible index glycémique : Ou comment maigrir sans stress by Martina Kittler and Marion Grillparzer (éd. Vigot)
  • Antony Worrall Thompson’s GI Diet (Kylie Cathie)
  • Recettes à faible IG by Carole Nitsche (First éditions)
  • Le régime express IG minceur, 100 recettes en 15 minutes by Anne Dufour and Carole Garnier (Leduc.s éditions)
  • Le régime express IG brûle-graisses, mincir en 15 jours avec 100 recettes 100% plaisir by Anne Dufour and Carole Garnier (Leduc.s éditions)
  • Quick and Easy Low Carb: 100 Delicious Low-Carbohydrate Recipes Ready in Less Than 30 Minutes (Hamlyn)