IFS Certification

IFS_Food_Box_RGBOur manufacturing workshop is certified IFS, since 2010.

The IFS Food is a standard recognised by the GFSI, auditing the quality and safety of the processes and products of food processing companies. It concerns companies processing food or packaging exposed products.

ISF Food applies when products are “processed” or when there is a danger of product contamination during immediate packaging. The IFS Food standard is important for all food processing companies, particularly for those producing distributor-label products, since they involve a large number of requirements related to compliance with specifications.

It promotes the production and marketing efforts implemented for the safety and quality of brands. The IFS Food standard version 6 was developed with the active participation of certification organisations, distributors, members of the industry and food service companies from all over the world.


The IFS food is a standard whose purpose is to audit the quality and safety of the processes and products of food processing companies and covers the requirements on the following themes:

  • Management liability
  • Quality and safety of food management system
  • Sourcing management
  • Manufacturing planning and process
  • Measurements, analyses, and improvements
  • Protection of the food chain against malicious acts.


  • To establish a common standard with a uniform assessment system
  • To work with approved certification organisations and qualified auditors
  • To ensure transparency and the possibility of comparisons throughout the supply chain
  • To reduce costs and the amount of time linked to audits, both for distributors and manufacturers.


  • Audit scope: Production of processed fruit and vegetables in pasteurised jars
  • Exclusions: Chocolate and vegetable spreads

Our IFS certificate