Atelier Sarrasin

Made and hand packed by passionate artisans, our biscuits are the continuation, since 1998, of a biscuit tradition in a region well known by food lovers all over the world.

In our Montbard workshop, everything begins with the freshly ground buckwheat flour at the heart of all our recipes. Each ingredient is carefully chosen and weighed by hand and the paste is kneaded carefully to obtain the crispiness typical of our biscuits. Each operation is done by hand, from cutting to cooking. Did you know that we fill our packets of biscuits by hand? So to ensure their weight is accurate, we add a little extra, as bakers did in the past!

Buckwheat is naturally full of flavour and is good for your health.

Buckwheat is not a cereal: this is why its grain does not contain gluten. It is a flowering plant of the knotweed family requiring few natural resources and full of nutritional qualities. This grain is so important to us that we have made it our symbol: the polygon that you can see on all our packets!

Our workshop is exclusively dedicated to the buckwheat plant. To avoid all contamination with cereals, we only work with these grains. This is why we can certify our traditional manufacture 100% gluten-free.

Committed to the environment

Concerned about the well-being of men and the future of the environment, Atelier Sarrasin has chosen to promote products from sustainable circular farming! This is why we select raw materials that are certified organic. We are inspected every year by the independent Ecocert certification organisation, which issues us with our organic certificate.

We are currently working on a range of biscuits:

  • Cinnamon sablés
  • Lemon hearts
  • Fruit of the forest sablés
  • Speculoos sablés
  • Sesame & Figs
  • Orange and chocolate sablés
  • Coconut sablés

Lemon sablés

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Fruit of the forest sablés

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Buckwheat fig sablés

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