Koen Klingele, the founder of the company began to make chocolate with no added sugar in his own kitchen. He bought 5 kg of raw chocolate and with a lot of courage and creativity succeeded in making his delicious chocolates.

He then took a pair of scissors and cut out his own cardboard boxes. He brought these boxes of chocolates to some of the local shops on his bike so that he could share the delicious taste of his chocolates with other people.

At the start, Koen did this all alone, little by little the ‘no added sugar’ market began to increase and people liked his products. We are now a whole team of chocolate amateurs who would like to continue this story, so that people all over the world have a chance to taste this particular type of healthy – no added sugar – chocolate!

The chocolates made by Balance have no added sugar and are sweetened with maltitol. They are therefore suitable for diabetics and people who want to avoid sugar and eat more healthily.

Our products:

  • Are made with Belgian chocolate
  • Contain 15 to 20% less calories
  • Have added fibre
  • Are made to a unique recipe
  • Have an unusual flavour
  • Are guaranteed high quality

Rice Chocolate Bar

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Dark Chocolate Bars

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Assorted Mix of Chocolate Bars

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