Celte et Nature

Celte et Nature is a young company that was created in early 2003. It uses the Mother Nature’s treasures to create products that are simple, tasty and rich in natural nutritional qualities.

Celte et Nature takes inspiration from the natural values of the Celts, whose territory extended from the centre of Europe, from where they originated, to the British Isles and Spain. The Celts worshipped divinities associated with Nature, from which they drew their resources and mystic or artistic inspiration.

Celte et Nature cereals

Celte et Nature creates products from ancient cereals grown in the most natural possible way to protect the health of those that eat them, while protecting the natural environment. Celte and Nature favours flour made in France.

Our buckwheat comes from Brittany where it is grown without treatment. This is a very rustic plant and its grain is well protected making it naturally very strong.

The flour is produced by a specialised mill in Maure de Bretagne (35).

The Einkorn Wheat that we use comes from France. We provide the farmers with the seed and they grow it for us using neither fungicides nor pesticides. We then have it ground at our partner’s stone mill, before using it in our recipes.

Celte et Nature Biscuits

Celte et Nature’s biscuit recipes take two essential things into account: simplicity and a concern for people’s well-being. Apart from a little salt and a very small quantity of raising agent, our biscuits contain neither flavourings or preservatives. The cereals we use are what give our products their full flavour.

Mindful of maintaining good health, we have voluntarily limited the quantity of sugar in our products, in the same way that we have excluded butter which is not part of the Celtic tradition.

We have obtained flavours that are well recognisable and pleasantly surprising. They are voluntarily made with a light crispy structure to make them a pleasure to bite into.

Celte et Nature biscuits are made industrially, monitored by a rigorous quality department to guarantee their regularity and food safety.

The pre-packing guarantees excellent storage of our biscuits, while being practical.

Mini Einkorn Madeleines

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Rice & Chick Pea Vermicelli

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