Compagnie Bretonne du Poisson

A family history

The name Furic has been closely connected with the world of fish since the creation of their first family canning factory business in 1920.The products of La Compagnie du Poisson are the fruit of over century’s expertise in working with fish, but also a desire to develop and keep this trade alive at the tip of Brittany. La Compagnie Bretonne du Poisson is the Furic family’s expression of the best the canning profession has to offer.

La Compagnie Bretonne du Poisson is committed to quality : Its range of products is of exceptionally high quality using both traditional and more modern and creative recipes.

The cannery has been awarded organic certification

Our tins of sardines are certified by BUREAU VERITAS, certification France (FR-BIO 10). Our ingredients, excluding fish, comply with organic farming specifications.

Sardines in organic olive oil

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Flaked mackerel tartare with Kombu sugar kelp and Yuzu

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Fish soup

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