Damhert is an authentic family business, created over 30 years ago.

Today, 3 generations have actively contributed to Damhert’s expansion. Damhert stands apart for its strong social commitment to its employees and to society at large.

The company’s philosophy is to respect mankind, animals and the environment, but also their staff and other people, whether similar or different. The effect of this responsible attitude can even be seen in Damhert’s packaging and transport: all the products are transported in special crates that are reusable and placed directly on the shelves. This is a huge saving on cardboard and is much more environment friendly!

Every year, Damhert also supports charities. Making profits should not be the only goal. We need to take time to think about others. This is personally fulfilling for the workers and the company.

How was the Damhert name chosen? Nothing could be simpler. Damhert (deer) is an elegant animal that chooses its food carefully in the natural environment and does not devour just anything!

So now it is up to you. All you need is a dash of creativity to eat smart! Eat Damhert to improve your health!

Discover the Damhert products low in salt content, gluten-free, sugar-free and containing neither colouring nor preservatives.

With an assortment of sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, low salt and organic foods Damhert has something to satisfy every requirement.

Moist Almond Cake

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Milk chocolate bar

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Tagatesse Sweetener (sugar-free)

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