Makulaku has been developing products based on organic liquorice since 1994.

Taste has always guided us in our product development, enabling us to create a world of colourful and harmonious flavours, offering consumers a new range of inspiring combinations of flavours in addition to our traditional black liquorice.

Makulaku’s chief strength is its expertise in and development of liquorice based products. In 1997, Makulaku launched the first organic black liquorice in the world. In 2011, once again Makulaku was the first company to introduce a new range of products including organic filled liquorice. Our goal is to continuously develop new products and improve old ones.

Taste is our priority, but the quality of our products and services is the cornerstone of our whole business. We use natural high quality ingredients that have been carefully tested and selected together with our long-term suppliers. The natural ingredients we use contain no azo dyes.

The liquorice workshop at Porvoo is new and environment friendly. Geothermal energy is used to heat the factory. We use the ISO 9001 certified quality management system as well as a HACCP system. Our production is also certified organic.

Display box of liquorice bars

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Liquorice mint sweets

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Liquorice lace (per lace)

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