Since 2006, Paradeigma has conceived and developed a range of delicious gluten-free products using 100% natural organic ingredients.

Based on rigorously selected flours, their pasta is traditionally made fresh and without additives, in the “pure Italian” tradition.

The bronze drawing and drying at low temperature maintains and intensifies the organoleptic qualities achieving ideal coarseness, texture and flavour.

Also discover their gluten-free and allergen free chocolate and tiger nut spread as well as their 100% buckwheat flour ‘goûtines’.

It comes in 3 delicious recipes:

  • 100% cornflour pasta
  • Rice and cornflour pasta (80%)
  • Cornflour (60%), buckwheat (25%) and rice (15%) pasta.

Hazelnut and Chocolate ‘Goûtines’

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Cornflour macaroni (100%)

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P'tit Carré Choco snack size

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