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Combining a love of food with organic products

More than 50 years of jam making expertise

A long fruit growing tradition has enabled our production workshop, established in the south-west of France for 50 years, to create a wide range of tasty fruit-based products from the orchards of Aquitaine, but also from distant regions.
Cuisson douce Naturgie

Committed to quality and uncompromising expertise, we use a specific manufacturing method involving low-temperature cooking under vacuum.

This type of cooking has the advantage of being a gentle method that optimally preserves the organoleptic qualities of the fruit and vegetables, so that they have good texture and flavour.

Discover our organic ranges dedicated to gourmet food and creativity.

Jams and Delights

All our jams are made with 60% fruit and cane sugar to preserve the taste naturally.

Creative range

We have 19 varieties to explore, 8 of which are made with fruit exclusively from France (clementines from Corsica, strawberries from Aquitaine, chestnuts from the Ardèche, etc.), 1 of which is fair trade and 10 of which have unique flavours (Matcha Tea, Rose Petals, Chocolate Orange, Pear and Raspberry, etc.)

Family Range

7 are family size varieties. These are the big classics: apricots, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, blackcurrant, etc., to get the day off to a good start!

Confits & Chutneys

Prepared with fruit or vegetables, they are cooked sous vide, at a low temperature, in cane sugar with spices, wine or vinegar and herbs.

Confits and chutneys can be served with meat or fish, foie gras or cheese, as seasoning for vegetables and salads, to add a touch of sunshine to tart base or a stuffing, and can even be added to a toast as a starter.

Vegetable spreads

Our vegetable spreads are made from vegetables, fruit and spices and can be used for making simple summer starters or light dishes. Made in our workshops in Villeneuve Sur Lot, the recipes we use heighten the original flavours making them delicious.

Very easy to use:
– In verrines
– On toasts
– On sandwiches

Jams to serve with Cheese

These organic jams are made using an exclusive manufacturing method involving low-temperature cooking under vacuum to preserve as many flavours, aromas and vitamins as possible. These recipes have been created to titillate the taste buds of cheese lovers.


An organic range dedicated to gourmet food and creativity

Strawberry jam
from Aquitaine

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Tea Jelly
Matcha Green

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Delight for Cheese
Black Cherry

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