Saveurs Attitudes “Nutrition”

Expertise marrying Organic food and Nutrition!

Saveurs Attitudes Nutrition offers a wide range of products optimising the Glycaemic Index. The Saveurs Attitudes Nutrition brand takes into consideration factors that are recognised to reduce GI to make products with the lowest possible GI :
– Choice of low GI raw materials: whole wheat flours, etc.
– Elimination of saccharose and glucose as much as possible
– Inclusion of fibre, inulin, etc.

Cuisson douce NaturgieCommitted to quality and uncompromising expertise, Saveurs Attitude uses a specific manufacturing method involving low-temperature cooking under vacuum. This type of cooking has the advantage of being a gentle method that optimally preserves the organoleptic qualities of the fruit and vegetables, so that they have good texture and flavour.

Food preparations – 100% fruit

Discover the broadest range of organic fruit preparations on the market.

Simple ingredients :

  • Fruit, fruit juice concentrate, lemon juice and fruit pectin.
  • Over 1kg of fruit is used to make one 310 g jar.

Fruit & SuperFruit preparation

We call exotic fruit, well-known for their essential nutrient content, Superfruits. We have combined them with more traditional fruit so that you can discover them.

Discover our other ranges and dietary products

  • Soft fruit
  • Apple purée
  • Syrups
  • Bread making
  • Minimum 70% cocoa chocolate bars
  • Crystallized lemon
  • Tomato sauce

A range of products marrying Organic food and Nutrition

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