Naturgie’s expertise

Naturgie, Quality and Flavour serving organic food!

Based on the strong convictions of preserving quality and flavour, Naturgie boasts a range of more than fifty organic products: jams, specialities, 100% fruit preserves, confits & chutney, purees, jams to go with cheese, and fruit flavoured chocolate.

Our Production Workshop

For many years we have used a slow cooking method under vacuum at a low temperature. This preserves the best organoleptic quality of the fruit (texture, flavours and colours) as well as fruit chunks.

1 & 2. Preparation & Sorting of fruit
3. Mixing of raw materials
4. Cooking at low temperature under vacuum
5 & 6. Visual inspection when cooking is over

7. Jar filling
8. Tasting of final products
9. Brix level checked after manufacture
10. Acidity checked after manufacture

Naturgie fabricationNaturgie atelier de fabricationetape3

Stringent quality control:
When the raw materials arrive, they are checked and analysed by the quality department.
Then, Naturgie continues to monitor quality rigorously throughout the manufacturing process. All the products manufactured are tasted before being marketed.


Our laboratory carries out taste quality checks on the end products on the same line, before they are marketed.