Naturgie’s Story

Jean VerdierNaturgie originated from a long fruit-selling tradition and it has continued to preserve the essence of fruit for 50 years.

Created by Jean Verdier, a fervent protector of organic farming and an organic farmer from Lot et Garonne, Naturgie has been committed to the world of organic foods and nutrition for more than 30 years.

In the 1980s, well before the publication of organic regulations, Naturgie was thinking up organic and “natural” products and distributing them to organic retailers.

In 1989, Naturgie became a precursor in “100% fruit” preserves, with a view to quality, flavour and nutritional advantages.
Naturgie histoire 2

In 2005, Jean Verdier decided to invest in French expertise by buying out a jam-making factory created by a plum tree grower in Lot et Garonne in the 1960s. This takeover enabled Naturgie to make use of its unique know-how and love of fruit in the world of organic food.

Naturgie has a staff of about forty. As a food processor it develops products that closely match the expectations of organic food consumers marrying transparency, quality and valuing everyone’s work.


1966: Pierre Chabrié, plum tree grower in Lot-Et-Garonne creates the business
1970: pioneer in the use of the low-temperature cooking under vacuum process
1980: creation of 100% fruit and no sugar added recipes
1989: first organically sourced production
2007: launch of “Saveurs Attitudes”
2013: creation of chocolate workshop within the company
2014: awarded the SIAL INNOVATION prize
2015: creation of the “Gourmet” Saveurs Attitudes
2016: Naturgie celebrates its 30th anniversary