Sugar-free diet

All sugars and starches contribute 17 kJ per gram. Proteins have the same level of kilojoules – 17 per gram. Alcohol contributes more – 29 kJ per gram, and fats contribute more than 37 kJ per gram.

Sugar has no essential nutrients. Nutritionists have always recommended we reduce our sugar intake and the search continues to support the need for this standard and to introduce sugar-free diets more often.

Sugar consumption should be reduced and since refined starchy foods increase tooth decay, the reports of the World Health Organisation limits added sugar to below 10% of the total energy, to prevent tooth decay, obesity and chronic illness. The American Heart Association recommends that added sugars should be reduced to less than 5% of the total energy consumption as an excess weight prevention strategy (which is a risk factor for cardiac disease) and it is for this reason that we recommend a sugar-free diet.

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